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Online Fishing Casino Games

Nova88 offers online fishing casino games, also known as fish shooting games or fish arcade games, are a type of online gambling game that combines elements of traditional slot machines with arcade-style shooting games. In Malaysia, there are several arcades, and no matter what time of day it is, you can be sure that they are constantly crowded with people of all ages having a great time inside. In these games, players use virtual bullets to shoot at various types of colorful and animated sea creatures, and each hit awards points or cash prizes.

Most Profitability Game

Nevertheless, some Malaysians truly play fishing games for enjoyment as well as money, despite the evident profitability and potential of them. Since it is the device in an arcade that attracts the most attention, it is the game that generates the most commotion in the area. If you play well, the roaring and screaming of the audience will make you feel popular.

Fishing War

The Fishing War, take on the role of an undersea country overrun by different monsters as you compete for enormous wealth. You’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting for prizes to fall as it offers amazing arcade gameplay. Three stages of the action arcade game Fishing War offer fantastic prizes to improve your gaming experience. So prepare to fire the dragon in order to win enormous prizes by clicking the fire button.

Fishing War is an arcade game by Spade Gaming, featuring an exceptional gameplay where players shoot down sea creatures for rewards. Set deep underwater, the game is highly animated and features a beautiful color combination. The command bar is located below the cannons, and the game has a soundtrack for entertainment. It is recommended for all players, regardless of experience, and offers a low to medium variance experience.

Zombie Party

Zombie Party is a new game from Spadegaming, where players destroy zombies on city roads. Players can choose difficulty levels and weapons, with cooler weapons causing more damage. 14 zombie types and 20 Free Hits are available, and the game offers modes like manual, auto, or lock on.

Nova88 Fishing

Nova88 fishing games are very simple where players enter an online fishing casino game, where they are presented with a visually appealing underwater scene. The scene includes a variety of sea creatures, each having different point values associated with them. Before the shooting round starts, players must place their bets. They can select the value of their virtual bullets, determining the amount they are willing to wager for each shot. Higher-value bullets usually yield higher rewards. Once the betting is done, the shooting round begins. 


Players have a virtual gun or cannon that they can control on the screen. They aim and shoot at the sea creatures to catch them. The game may provide an automatic shooting mode or allow players to shoot manually, depending on the specific game mechanics. Each time a player successfully shoots a sea creature, they earn points or coins. Different sea creatures carry different point values, with rarer or more challenging creatures offering higher rewards


Players accumulate points as they continue to shoot, and these points contribute to their final score for the round. The points earned during the shooting round can be converted into cash prizes or used to increase the player’s balance in their Nova88 account, depending on the specific platform and its rules. Nova88 fishing games include special features to enhance the gameplay and increase the excitement of players. These may include power-ups, bonus rounds, multipliers, or even boss fights, where players have a chance to win significant rewards.


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